Motorola LS720D for sale in Montreal in Layton Audio

Motorola LS720D

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7" Dual digital picture frames with slideshow

Black / Silver


Technical specifications

This 7.2-inch photo frame is wall-mountable and displays your photos in High Definition-800x480 pixels. Auto play your photos/slideshows in a loop or use one of the displays as a clock or calendar function. The frame also has an MP3 player with built-in speaker and headphone jack. Features Two 7" LCD screens 800 x 480 resolution 1200 photos with 512MB memory Bluetooth capabilities 1-year warranty Add photos from your computer with the mini USB port or directly from an SD/MMC/SDHC memory card. The built in memory stores up to 1000 photos. Save energy with the programmable power on/off timer. Includes IR remote control.

Measured screen size Our measurement of the screen diagonally from corner to corner (in inches). 7.0
Screen Aspect Ratio The aspect ratio of the screen. Either conventional 4:3, or widescreen 16:9. 16:9
Resolution The number of pixels the screen displays. Horizontal x vertical. 800x480
Remote control Whether the frame comes with a remote control. No
Tilt sensor Whether the frame will automatically rotate your photographs so they display correctly. Yes
Timer Whether the you can set the frame to turn on/off at specific times. Yes
Memory and connections
Internal Memory (MB) 256MB is enough to store around 100 photos (depending on the file size). 512
Memory card The types of memory card that the frame can access. SD; SDHC; MMC; USB Flash
Wall mountable Yes
Music player Yes
WiFi Whether the frame offers a WiFi connection to wireless networks. No