Sonora SBH


$34.95 + $0.00 (Ecofees)

Sonora SBH Component Bracket




  • Mount DVD/STB on Top of the TV
  • No Extra Holes on the Wall, Attaches to the Rear of the TV or Existing TV Bracket
  • Folding Design Hides the DVD/STB Players Behind or on Top of the TV
  • Flexible Sliding Rails Allows Adjusting Device Height
  • Cable Management Guide Keeps Loose Cables Organized for a Clean Appearance
  • Reflective Sheet to Collect Infrared Emitted by the Remote
  • Designed to hold a DVD or STB above or behind a TV for a professional installation look
  • Attaches directly to TV VESA mounts and may be used in conjunction with most wall brackets
  • An included adhesive reflective foil helps direct IR signals to hidden equipment
  • Accommodates components from 0.75" (20mm) to 2.65" (65mm) in profile height
  • Maximum bearing load: 5 KG/ 11 LBS