Bowers & Wilkins PX

Bowers & Wilkins

$479.00 + $0.00 (Ecofees)

A one of a kind headphone in it's class the all new Bowers & Wlikins is truly unmatched!Noise cancelling wireless headphones. PX combines incredible sound with adaptable noise cancellation, 22-hour battery life and intuitive controls that respond naturally to your behaviour.


Technical specifications

With it's unit built-in sensors, controlling the PX has never been easier,

Bowers & Wilkins have taken your natural habits and incorporated it in the way you use your PX!

Put it on, and it turns on automatically. Take it off and it goes into stand-by mode

Lift an earcup or let it hang ariund your neck and the PX pauses your music, resuming playback when you are ready to listen again.

The PX always anticipates your needs!

More detail, more realism and more emotion, the PX makes you feel your music more than ever before!

Digitally optimized, PX digitally up-sample the incoming audio signal to 768kHz, further enhancing acoustic detail.

The PX icludes andvanced drivers with reference quality angled drive units for a totally concincing soundstage.

With APTX HD Bluetooth, this allows for high definition, 24 bit resolution wireless streaming

Lose the distractions and feel more of your music. The PX's active noise canceling signal has been refined to block out ambient sound without affecting your true listening experience.

With 3 environment filters (Flight, City and Office), PX always delivers optimum isolation wherever you are!