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The Ultimate, Wireless, Sweat-Proof Fitness Headphones

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Wireless Fitness Headphones.
Did you know that listening to music while working out can enhance your performance by at least 20% Denon has developed
the ultimate, super-lightweight, sweat proof, wireless fitness headphones that perform the way you do. Featuring stereo Bluetooth®
3.0 wireless connectivity, an integrated amplifier professionally tuned to heart-pounding bass to energize your workout, a 7-hour
rechargeable battery, integrated controls and microphones for on-the-go use, Denon Exercise Freak™ Headphones will keep the
tunes going without getting in your way when you work out. Want to enhance your performance further? Download the Denon
Sport smartphone application (available for Apple® iPhone®, Apple® iPad™ or Android®) for the Exercise Freak in all of us.
Integrated Amplifier professionally tuned to heart-pounding
bass to energize your workout.
Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Connectivity.
Rechargeable Battery for long workouts (7 hours).
In-Ear Headphones
Features & Specifications Subject to Change.
Denon Headphones Sound Like You,
Fit Like You, Move Like You.
Denon Headphones are engineered from the ground up to provide the best-in-class personal listening experience for
your lifestyle. Denon’s line of Exercise Freak™ Headphones are geared towards anyone who wants to get in shape while
enjoying listening to music, with headphones that Sound Like You, Fit Like You and Move Like You, so you can feel the
music like never before.

Driver Diameter – 11.5mm
Driver Type – Dynamic
Impedance – 16ohms
Sensitivity – 102dB/mW
Maximum power input – 250mW
Frequency response – 5-25,000Hz
Weight – 23 grams