Denon AH-W200


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Wireless, noise-isolating, in-ear luxury traveler’s headphones.

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The Ultimate Weapon in your Business Travel Arsenal
Today’s busy executive has more things to do while they travel than ever before. Denon’s line of Globe Cruiser Headphones creates peace and order in the midst of noise and chaos. 

Slip on a pair of Denon Globe Cruiser headphones and escape the environment around you so you can better focus on what you need to do. Whether it’s just relaxing and enjoying your favorite music, conducting a conference call, asking Siri® to check your departure gate, or using the voice recognition capability to dictate an email on your iPhone® 4S to your boss about closing that business deal, Denon’s line of Globe Cruiser travel headphones provide exceptional sound quality and styling.

Color – Black and Silver
driver diameter – 11.5mm
driver type – Dynamic
impedance – 16ohms
Sensitivity – 102dB/mW
maximum power input – 250mW
Frequency response – 5-25,000Hz
Weight – 23 grams