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AUNE AUDIO X1S Desktop Headphone Amp/DAC




Technical specifications

Aune X1s is the 5th generation of the Aune X1 series, X1's first generation of products was launched in 2008, it was popular and garnered good feedback after six years of market tests and user responses.



32Bit/384K DSD128 USB DAC function

X1s is a super cost-effective 32BIT/384K scheme. It can support the highest 32BIT/384K and DSD128 music files (fully backward compatible) when connected to PC. It’s an ultra-high format HIFI audio  ecoder that can combine with PC.


Independent USB interface function

When connected to PC to play music through the digital output socket, X1s can output 24BIT/192K high-index coaxial signal, which enables it to digitally record and decode.


X1s can function as an independent DAC

When connected to coaxial output devices, such as digital transport, X1s can be used as a pure DAC with the ability of decoding 24BIT/ 192K. X1s has coaxial and optical fiber input socket.


X1s can be used as an independent headphone amplifier

X1s applies OP+BUI headphone amplifier frame with positive and negative power supply, leading to its extremely low distortion and extremely strong driving ability. It can drive most headphones and mainly adjusted the sound for HD650 K701 DT880.


Input Interface:                USB COX OPT
Maximum word length:      328it 24Bit 24Bit
Maximum sampling rate:    384K 192K 192K
Maximum 050 rate {DOP}: DSD128

Typical line output indicators:  RCA
Output voltage level @ 0dB: 2.1 V rms
Frequency response (from 20 Hz to 20 kHz): +/-0.5 dB
Dynamic range: 126 dB
THD+N @ 1KHz: -110 dB
lMD+N @ 19KHz & 20KhzKHz: -110 dB
Stereo crosstalk: -112 dB

Headphone output power @3000 80 mW

Components: X1s x 1/ Power adapter x 1 / Manual x 1 / USB cable x 1/
6.5mm to 3.5mm stereo F adapter x 1