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AUNE AUDIO M2 32BIT/DSD Portable Music Player




Technical specifications

An excellent multiple format and asynchronous clock portable music player.

The aune M2 is the new generation HiFi portable music player after the well-received M1. It uses the latest ARM+CPLD+AK4490+high bias amplifier and supports multiple formats: WAV/FLAC/APE/DFF/DSF/DSD ISO/M4A/AAC/MP3 and support 32BIT/192K files playback. It is a portable music player with high standard and superb sound.


Elegant appearance and build quality

The appearance of M2 is brief and smooth. It uses hollowed 6-axis CNC aircraft aluminum as the chassis. Laser engraving text and anodizing surface processing. It is sturdy, durable and well built.


Pure native decoding audio system and asynchronous clock FIFO technology from aune's independent R&D

Pure native decoding bottom layer system for achieving high fidelity! Accurately converts every single bit. Asynchronous clock reproduction. FIFO technology and core audio algorithm.


The M2 uses second-level ultra-low-noise positive and negative power supply

The digital part uses a voltage regulator IC for power supply; analog power supply uses 3 low-noise ICs to consist positive and negative 5V power supply.


Brand new clock structure

The M2 uses asynchronous technology with 2 ultra-low-jitter crystal oscillators. The whole machine has extremely low jitter. Clock crystal is the source of the digital audio system, with high quality DNA. The quality of the clock crystal will fundamentally impact the signal quality in the future.



Each of aune's products are designed to bring you the music itself, rather than just a cold machine. And we always follow the principle that the sound tuning should be natural and full of musicality, present the reality of each instrument and the connotation of music.


Positive feedback from around the world

During R&D, the M2 received overwhelmingly positive feedback from as many as 600 people among domestic and abroad.