Portable audio

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Huge choice of portable audio devices

Discover a unique selection of portable speakers and wireless audio systems in Montreal. Layton Audio offers a wide range of mini, portable and wireless speakers from a different brands like Sony, Braven, Yamaha, Geneva, Nuforce or Fiio. With so much specialised products diversity, you can certainly find everything you need to ensure your sound entertainment, whenever the time of the day or wherever you are.

Especially, audio materials can include Bluetooth speakers, portable amplifier with a USB port, micro-USB port and jack plug, finally completed with a portable radio equipped with digital receiver and a captor that allows you to listen to AM/FM radio signal. If you are looking for a private or intimate experience, you can simply choose the classic digital player with a pair of earphones.

You can’t expect a more complete portable audio system experience anywhere else than Layton Audio in Montreal. We make no compromise on sound quality and clarity whether you choose to visit us at the store or order online. Ask our sound-passionate staff to help you!