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Layton Audio sells the most renowned headphones brands

Layton Audio in Montreal offers a wide selection of professional headphones and audiophile headphones, all of which are among the best in the industry of sound and music. With its huge inventory of circum aural headphones Layton Audio can also brag with the most renowned brands of the industry, like Sennheiser, Hifiman, Shure, Focal and Beats By Dr. Dre.

You can also find, among the great choice in our inventory, a lot of high end products like noise-cancelling headphones that allows users to have the most clear sound possible since it is not twisted by any ambient sound. It also lets you entirely concentrate on the task without being distracted by any distraction. There is wireless headphones models with a Bluetooth connection or the most professional headphones with a jack plug that you can connect to every kind of popular console in the industry of sound and music. Otherwise, there is also more affordable kind of headphones, earplugs and earbuds that you can use for personal usages. Most of those model have an incredible value for money.

Come and see us at the store for all your needs in headphones. Whether you need a headphone that gives the the most value for money or the top of the line headphone with noise-cancelling functions and the highest sound quality you can find, the staff at Layton Audio is passionate to give you the best advices for your specific needs.