About us

About us

At the end of the 19th century, while pianos were still the only form of entertainment found in homes, two brothers wanted to offer something new and different in the world of home entertainment. In heart of Montreal, these brothers realized their dream when they opened the first store specializing in home entertainment systems; they called it 'Layton Bros'.

Since 1887, the Layton name has been associated with the pleasures of listening to audio in the comforts of your home. Their adventures continued into the 50's when audio systems were taking over the role of pianos, and soon their store became known as Layton Audio.

By then their store had built an impressive reputation in audio sound systems and was the place to go for quality audio equipment.

Layton Audio continues to maintain the tradition of helping customers realize their dreams of enjoying the best electronic entertainment systems. If you're often on the go and want to recreate that perfect sound you enjoy at home, we have the best solutions for portable audio, including the best selection of headphones and earphones in the city.

Did you also know that you can control and integrate your entire home audio system by simply using your smart phone or tablet?

Just give us a call, or come have a visit and we'll gladly give you our expert advise!