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Omage QHX1


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Omage QHX1 HDMI Over CAT5E/ CAT6 Extension Baluns



• 3D HD 1080p performance
• QHX1 baluns transmit HDMI signal over
CAT5E / CAT6 for runs of up to 30 meters
• Supports all formats of 3D, including 1080p
(23.98/24 Hz), 720p (59.94/ 60 Hz/ 50 Hz)
with bandwidth up to 165 mHz
• Supports LPCM uncompressed audio, DTS
Digital, Dolby Digital compressed audio,
DTS-HD and Dolby True HD
• Video amplifier operating frequency: 165
mHz / 1.65 Gbps per channel bandwidth
(4.95 Gbps all channels)
• IR emitter, IR receiver, and AC adaptor