Audio Technica ATN3472C Replacement Stylus for sale in Montreal in Layton Audio

Audio Technica ATN3472C Replacement Stylus


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Audio Technica ATN3472C 

Replacement Stylus




Replacement stylus for Audio-Technica AT92ECD, AT301EP, AT311EP, AT90CD, AT300P, AT3482P, AT3482H/U & AT316EP cartridges.

Stylus Shape: CONICAL
Stylus Dimension: 0.6 mil

To remove old stylus (needle), hold the cartridge in one hand, grasp the plastic stylus housing with thumb and forefinger, and pull away from the cartridge.

To install replacement stylus, insert the new stylus assembly into the cartridge. The stylus assembly should click into place when fully seated on the cartridge. The stylus must be fully seated on the body for proper operation.