NOTICE: Repair Department Open !

Whether you need to repair a 60-year old amplifier or a modern sound system, Layton Audio will always offer you a reasonable price. Our electronics technicians are knowledgeable on most brands of amplifiers, speakers and even radios. You will receive a quotation depending on the level of complexity of reparations required. Our repair workshop plays an active part in our reputation as a high-end audio reference in Montreal.


Amplifier breakdown?

Our workshop repair technicians in Montreal have the proper audio electronics expertise that allows them to repair a wide range of amplifiers. Breakdowns come from various sources, like problems with the power supply, fuses, switching elements or the preamplifier. Very often, on old models, a first cleaning will detect defective components as well as wiring problems. Rest assured that our technicians will always respect the integrity of your amplifier by using safe methods.


Our expertise covers most sound systems

Our repair service covers many other sound systems, whether radios, home theaters or even high-end earphones. Come to our Montreal store to explain your situation. We will give you honest advice on whether or not repair work is required as well as the number of hours necessary, if applicable. Feel free to call us at 514 866-1578.


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