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Kennerton Audio Magni

Kennerton Audio Equipment

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The latest model in the Kennerton Audio Family, the Magni is a lightweight design, self-adapting to the user's head, and made with genuine leather ear cushions, which provide the highest comfort for longtime listening.

The deep bass and clarity provide a truly wonderful listening experience!

Natural Oak



Technical specifications

The Kennerton Magni uses a steel headband with a minimum of moving parts. which provides for maximum reliability. The headphone cups made of precious wood are not only beautiful and pleasant to touch, but also bring in warm and natural notes to the sound of the headphones,eliminating the intrusive "plastic" overtones the competitors models use.

High quality 3.5mm connectors are used so you can always replace th cables with any other one that has compatible connectors. Inside the headphones, the wiring is made of audiophile multicore litsendrat, reinforced with natural silk insulation.


  • 50mm unique graphene membrane
  • High sensitivity, wide frequency range
  • Leather, metal, natural wood
  • Hard wearing, light and comfortable construction, easy to perfectly fit any head size
  • Optimal comfort for longtime listening
  • Perfect match for majority of existing sources

Technical Specifications:

Transducer Type: Closed back, Over-Ear

Transducer Diameter: 50mm, graphene

Frequency Response: 15-50000 Hz

Impedence: 33 Ohm

Sensitivity: 114dB

Max Power Input: 250 mW

Cord: 2m, OFC wires with gold plated mini-jack and 6.3mm stereo adapter