FiiO FH11 for sale in Montreal in Layton Audio
FiiO FH11 for sale in Montreal in Layton Audio
FiiO FH11 for sale in Montreal in Layton Audio
FiiO FH11 for sale in Montreal in Layton Audio
FiiO FH11 for sale in Montreal in Layton Audio
FiiO FH11 for sale in Montreal in Layton Audio

FiiO FH11


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FiiO FH11 1DD + 1BA Hybrid In-Ear Monitors Earphone

The FiiO FH11 is a pair of hybrid in-ear monitors (IEMs) featuring a combination of 1 dynamic driver (1DD) and 1 balanced armature (1BA) driver. Hybrid IEMs aim to provide a balanced sound signature by utilizing the strengths of both dynamic drivers and balanced armatures. These drivers are designed to work together to deliver a comprehensive and high-quality audio experience across different frequencies.




Technical specifications

Introducing the brand-new FiiO FH11, a set of dual-driver hybrid in-ear monitors from FiiO that belongs to the innovative "Bionic Conch" series. This collection of products is designed to offer superior sound quality and exquisite aesthetics that surpass its price range. The FH11 features a 10mm carbon-based diaphragm dynamic driver unit and a custom-tuned balanced armature driver housed within a three-chamber acoustic cavity design. With a distinctive C-shaped acoustic flute design, the FH11 delivers an enhanced audio experience. Get ready to immerse yourself in rich, characteristic sound with the FiiO FH11!

Pure Sound Reproduction with Dual-Driver Hybrid Setup:-
Leveraging their extensive experience in crafting high-quality audio products, FiiO has created the FH11 as part of the affordable "Bionic Conch" series of in-ear monitors. The FH11 boasts an intricately designed architecture that ensures quality sound reproduction, particularly with a detailed lower-end response. The FH11 produces pure High-Resolution audio that complements various genres, including EDM, Rock, Pop, and more.

Specially Developed 10mm Carbon-Based Dynamic Driver:-
The FH11 incorporates a specially designed 10mm carbon-based diaphragm dynamic driver unit. This driver is the result of a thorough analysis of the performance of higher-end models such as the FF5 and the FH15. The new carbon-based diaphragm features a lightweight design with exceptional tensile strength, contributing to cleaner sound reproduction, faster transients, and lower distortion in the output signal.

Hear Every Minute Detail With Ease:-
Equipped with a customized balanced armature driver on each side, the FiiO FH11 reproduces every subtle detail in your music with precision. It delivers crisp treble response with remarkable clarity while maintaining enough warmth to complement the robust sound produced by the carbon-based dynamic driver unit.

Three-Chamber Acoustic Cavity Design:-
In the realm of multi-driver hybrid in-ear monitors, the acoustic cavity structure plays a pivotal role in overall performance. FiiO's expertise shines through in the FH11, featuring a three-chamber acoustic cavity structure that enhances sound reproduction with minimal distortion, providing a clear performance boost. The FH11's well-implemented acoustic dampening structure ensures proper air pressure within each chamber, allowing precise and accurate performance from both drivers.

C-Shaped Acoustic Flute Design:-
Augmenting the performance with the three-chamber design, the FH11 also incorporates a C-shaped acoustic flute structure. This design manages the air movement inside the pair to enhance the sound, improving bass clarity and responsiveness.

Exquisite Die-Cast Zinc Alloy Cavities:-
The FiiO FH11 IEMs boast a rich and premium aesthetic. Crafted with exquisite liquid-die-cast zinc-alloy material, the pair exudes beauty and features lightweight aesthetics, contributing to a comfortable fit for most users.

  • 1 DD+ 1 BA Driver Arrangement.
  • Carbon-Based new-Generation 10mm Diaphragm.
  • Custom-Tuned Balanced Armature Driver.
  • Three-Chamber Acoustic Cavity Design.
  • Liquid Die-Case Zinc-Alloy Metallic Ear Shells.
  • Impedance: 24O@1kHz.
  • Sensitivity: 111dB/Vrms.
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz.
  • Connector Type: 0.78mm 2-pin connectors.
  • Termination Plug: 3.5mm.