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HIFIMAN HE-1000V2 Flagship Audiophile Headphone

Winter Maple

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Technical specifications

World’s First Diaphragm in Nanometer Thickness

sounded remarkable and may motivate me to do a lot more headphone listening…
——Jim Hannon«The Absolute Sound»
  • 7 years of research and devotion into the ground-breaking design that offers near perfect reproduction of live music.
    Regular Planar Magnetic Driver
    Inadequate sound openings with a conventional planar driver causes harmful reflections and refractions of sound waves resulting in audible sound distortion.
    HIFIMAN’s advanced non-symmetrical planar driver features a reduced size of the inner magnetic array, optimizing the sound channel to bring livelier and more true-to-life reproduction of live music.
    HIFIMAN Asymmetric structure

    The new HE1000 nailed it...at least as far as a headphone could on quick listen at a show. "This sounds like a reference level headphone", 
    ——Tyll Hertsen«Innerfidelity»
    Created to meet the need for driver protection and optimized open-back design.

    Ergonomic and comfortable design fit for most people, with greater reliability and durability.

    ...the ginormous HE1000 made even my head look tiny. Despite its size, the HE1000 felt light on the head.

Frequency response: 8Hz - 65KHz

Impedance: 35+-3 ohm

Sensitivity: 90dB