Omage ATV6 for sale in Montreal in Layton Audio

Omage ATV6


$349.00 + $0.00 (Ecofees) Free shipping with order of $100.00 or more

6 zone speaker selector with individual volume controls



Technical specifications

The Omage ATV series  speaker selector enables: two source switching to as many as six pairs of speakers that can be played simultaneously. 

Rated at 100 watts RMS per channel, this selector features independant On/Off and source controls and is equipped with multiple impedance matching autotransformers to protect your amplifier.

AT6V With Volume 100 9 step 2 Yes 22 to 14 AWG 4.2 /9.4

5.7 x 43 x 17 / 2¼ x 17 x 6¾