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Tangent EVO


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Tangent EVO bookshelf speakers (pair)

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Tangent - Danish Design since 1996

 Since 1996 Tangent has created unique audio products that appeal to both eye and ear. And who has won numerous international tests - in addition to thousands of hearts. Whatever Tangent product you choose, you are therefore sure to get uncompromised sound, full of character, design, and ease of use.

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Uncompromising Quality

Although it is now possible to produce audio products quickly and at very low prices by compromising on the primary components, we, at Tangent, never fall for the temptation. 
We maintain stubbornly that every product must be approved by our own quality technicians and specially trained acousticians. Professionals with pride of their profession and a singularly delicate feel for good sound - and to the contrary.
Maybe it's one of the reasons why our products again and again being deluged with great superlatives from all sorts of audio magazines when they conduct tests. In this context, words such as "unique" and "perfect" are far from rare in the notification of Tangent. Just as we repeatedly run with the honor as "Best in Test".