DAN CLARK AUDIO ÆON 2 (OPEN BACK) (SPECIAL ORDER) for sale in Montreal in Layton Audio



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Planar Magnetic Headphones

Black / Red

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Technical specifications

Available in both open and closed designs, ÆON series headphones deliver full-size headphone excitement and comfort, in a backpack-friendly form factor. The ÆON RT (blue) is our entry-level solution for value-conscious shoppers while the ÆON 2 (red) sports a totally upgraded second-generation driver and a unique travel-friendly folding design for a major step up in enjoyment and portability.

ÆON series headphones have a unique and patented design that perfectly marries form and function. With an eye-catching ear-hugging design and a hinge-free titanium headband, ÆON delivers big sound, style and a perfect fit.


Most lightweight headphones are plastic. Not ÆON. The headband and baffles are built from titanium alloy, aluminum and carbon fiber making them incredibly strong and reliable, yet among the lightest full size planar headphones on the market


ÆON 2 adds a unique and patent-pending feature, a collapsing headband design that allows a full-size headphone to fold in on itself to about half its normal sized. No other full size headphone we know of can pack so small, making ÆON 2 perfect to use at home, in the office, or on the road. While ÆON RT won’t pack as small as ÆON 2, it still is an easy fit into a backpack and makes a great travel headphone too.


Every Dan Clark Audio planar magnetic headphone is powered by a 100% proprietary driver. No off the shelf parts stuck in a new enclosure here, our drivers are designed in-house and feature:

  • Super efficient transducer keeps weight down by reducing magnet size
  • Patented Trueflow technology improves airflow through the motor for a big bump in detail-retrieval, particularly in AEON 2 with it’s advanced second-generation design
  • Patented V-Planar driver processing that textures the driver surface for superior low frequency performance and improved diaphragm stability

All ÆON headphones are hand-built and tested in San Diego CA. Closed versions of the headphones should be used when blocking noise or not disturbing others is a consideration. Sonically our closed headphones tend to have a lighter midrange tone, so while the open headphones have a deeper soundstage the “front and center” (think vocals) is several rows closer when using the open headphones, for a more intimate delivery.





  • Efficiency: 92dB/mW Closed, 94dB Open
  • Weight (without cable): 327gr Closed, 327gr Open
  • Detachable 2m premium dual-entry cable with 3.5mm and 1/4" termination
  • Impedance: 13 ohms
  • Frequency Response: Yes*


*We don’t publish a spec because too many vendors shamelessly exaggerate the response of their headphones to win the "spec wars," making any comparison of specs irrelevant.