PAL (Gen. 1) Power Supply for sale in Montreal in Layton Audio

PAL (Gen. 1) Power Supply

Tivoli Audio

$34.95 + $0.00 (Ecofees) Free shipping with order of $100.00 or more

We all lose things from time to time and a power supply is no exception.

If you just can't seem to remember where you put your radio's power supply, don't fret. Our replacement power cords and adapters, will get your radio back up and running in no time.*

This 12 V DC 500 mA power supply is compatible with the following products - PAL, iPAL, and PAL BT Gen 1. To determine if your PAL is Gen 1, please refer to the power input on the back of your unit. If labeled “12V 500mA”, this is the correct power supply for you. If labeled “9V 2A”, please purchase the PAL BT Gen 2 power supply.

*Please note, shipped item may not match photo depicted.


Technical specifications

In the Box

  • (1) Power Supply


  • 12v 500 mA  100-240v replacement power supply