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Sangean WR-12BT


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Sangean WR-12BT AM/FM/Bluetooth/AUX Analog Wooden Radio

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Technical specifications

Elegant simplicity combined with state-of-the-art performance sets the
Sangean Model WR-12 AM/FM Analog Table Top Radio head and shoulders
above its closest competition. In true Sangean tradition AM/FM reception is
excellent providing clear and static free listening. Only three dial knobs adjusts
the volume, selects AM/FM bands, AUX & Bluetooth Wireless and precisely
tunes your station selection displayed in a softly lighted analog display. An
LED tuning eye assures you're tuning the best reception for your selected
The WR-12 delivers powerful audio with 2.1 channel system uses dual stereo
speakers and a subwoofer specially designed for more bass and loudness
compensation that gives better bass response characteristics, and helps the
WR-12 delivers sound beyond its size. Bass and treble controls let you further
adjust the sound to your liking. In addition, a stereo headphone jack, display
dimmer and provision for an external AM and FM antenna is also provided.
Aux-in jack for playing your favorite iPod/iPhone or MP3 tunes for your
personal enjoyment.
Now, there's even more to like.... With Bluetooth wireless technology, simply
switch to the Bluetooth source dial knob and after initial pairing, start listening
to your favorite music wirelessly. It's that simple! Whether you own a
Smartphone, iPod/iPhone, tablet or PC, you can enjoy your music without the
constraint of extra cables.

  • FM-Stereo / AM 2 Bands
  • Built-In Bluetooth Wireless Audio Streaming
  • Bands, Aux-In And Bluetooth Indicators
  • Easy To Dial Scale Display With Adjustable Backlight
  • Soft And Precise Tuning
  • Bass And Treble Controls
  • 2.1 Channel Aystem Uses Two Stereo Speakers And A Subwoofer
  • Acoustically Tuned Wooden Cabinet
  • I/O Jacks: AC In, Aux-In, Headphone And FM F Terminal + AM ANT-IN
TUNER FM Frequency (MHz) 87.5-108  
    MW Frequency (kHz) 520-1710  
    Type   Anologue  
  MEDIA Aux - in   V  
    Others   Bluetooth wireless audio  
  DISPLAY   LCD / VFD Dial scale  
      Back Light V  
      Dimmer V  
      Others Bluetooth pairing LED  
  FEATURE   Bluetooth V  
      Others 2+1 stereo plus subwoofer  
  AUDIO EQ Treble / Bass Control V  
  AMPLIFIER   Speaker Output (TYP.) 3W+3W+10W  
      Earphones Output 3+3mW (32ohm)  
  SPEAKER   Size ( mm / inch ) 2 1/4 inches x 2 + 3.5 inches x 1  
      Impedance 8 ohm  
  I/O SOCKET   AC / DC - in AC - in  
      Aux - in V  
      Earphones V  
      Ext.Antenna FM F terminal+ AM ANT-IN  
      FM Wiring Antenna V  
  DIMENSIONS   Width (mm/inch) 295 / 11.61  
      Height (mm/inch) 126 / 4.96  
      Depth (mm/inch) 203 / 7.99  
      Weight (g & lb. oz) 4200 / 9lb. 4.2oz