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Nuforce Air DAC (Apple)


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Wireless DAC transmitting directly from 32 pin Apple connection (iPhone/iPod 4th generation and under)


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Technical specifications

NuForce Air DAC's wireless technology lets you stream music from your computer USB port or mobile devices to up to four different receivers throughout your home or office. Easily get CD-quality sound with no latency and no interference throughout your environment-wirelessly, with Air DAC.

The NuForce Air DAC wireless DAC/receiver and associated TX transmitters are based on a new wireless technology known as SKAA. SKAA provides seamless operation and a consistent user interface across different SKAA devices. SKAA technology has several advantages resulting in CD-quality sound and ease of setup described in more detail below. 

Unlike similar devices, the Air DAC and associated TX transmitters do not experience the typical loss in sound quality or interference capability of cell phones and other wireless devices. Rather, they offer CD-quality sound, virtually no latency, a 15-30 meter range, and a spread-spectrum technology that detects and chooses from among available frequency spectrums in order to avoid interference.


  • THD+N :0.03% @ 1kHz
  • Frequency Response:20-20kHz
  • Channels:2-channels
  • Operating Frequency:2.4GHz
  • RCA Output:1.6 - 2.1Vrms
  • Power Requirement:5 - 6.5V, 600mA, 100-240VAC (Worldwide AC)
  • Included Accessories:Power Supply Charge Cable ( Only iTX )
  • Bit Resolution:16-bit
  • Maximum sampling rate:48kHz
  • Dimensions:3.2 in W x 3.4 in D x 1.1 in H
  • S/N Ratio:> 91dB A-weighted
  • Weight :1.5 lb. Shipping weight 5 lb