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Nyne N 9


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Technical specifications

Have you been yearning for an alarm clock that is petite yet powerful, allows you to charge your iPhone® and provides good sound quality?

Then look no further. The NYNE N-9 gives you what you want, and then some! Its slim and sleek profile fits perfectly on your nightstand without obstructing your view. The custom-designed display is easy to read and the backup battery will come to your rescue during those unexpected power outages. Speaking of power, the sound that comes from this little machine is absolutely amazing. NYNE’s N-9 has an Apple-certified universal docking mechanism that can be used with most iPods® or iPhones. The design engineers took your mobile lifestyle into account and went a step further, providing an integrated docking space that is wide enough to fit most Apple mobile devices with most protective covers in place, yet still snug and safe. When you’re ready to go out, just grab your fully charged device and take off. Don’t have an Apple device? No problem. Attach any mobile device, such as your Droid or MP3 player, to the N-9’s convenient auxiliary input, and enjoy! With the N-9, you can start your day any way you want, be it with music from your play list, your favorite FM radio station, or a traditional alarm buzzer. When you hear the clear, crisp acoustics of the N-9, you may be tempted to lie in bed a little longer. The included snooze control will wake you again just in time to get to work. With the dual alarm function, you won’t have to remember to wake your sleep partner before you walk out the door – unless you fall in love with the N-9 and decide to slip it in your suitcase for that overnight business trip. You just might have to buy two of these little beauties, one for travel and one to stay at home!


- Universal Dock to Charge
and Play iPod and Phone

- 3.5m Stereo Aux-in
Compatible with Most
Phones and MP3 Players

- Acoustic Suspension
Enclosure Design

- FM Radio with 3 Presets
and Switchable (USA/Euro)

- Dual Alarm That Allows You
to Wake Up to iPod/iPhone.
FM Radio 0: Alarm Tone.
with programmable Wake
Up Volumes

- Dimmable Backlit Display
(5 Settings)

- Width: 5.6'
- Depth: 6.98'
- Height: 2"
- Power: 100-24oV AC, 50/60Hz



- UL-Approved AC

- 3.5mm Aux-in Cable

- User Manual

- Quick User Guide

- Warranty Card