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Luxury & Precision - The L3 Digital Music Player

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Technical specifications

The L3 is designed specifically for use with sensitive IEMs, and the most important thing is design a device that maintains a jet black background free of noise. Because the L3 has a smaller area to work with, the circuits on the device are all on one side of the board. To avoid interference between the digital and analog circuits, we implemented a similar design to the LP5’s vertical division with multiple ground planes: There are two layers of ground planes in the digital circuits that help block interference, and three layers of ground planes in the analog circuits. In addition, the analog portion is shielded so that there’s no chance of external interference.

Luxury and Precision's line of products has really lived up to the name. Whether it was the LP5 or L5 Pro, the team sourced best-in-class components to ensure that listeners only get the latest and greatest. The L3 maintains this tradition and doesn't skip on the internals.

A main design consideration of the L3 was designing a product with an extremely low noise floor. At -115 dB testing with a 32 Ohm load, the distortion level was less than 0.0017%, providing a jet black background with even the most sensitive in ear monitors.

Flexible use case is an important function the Luxury & Precision team took to heart. Armed with headphone out (3.5mm), balanced out (2.5mm), line out and SPDIF out options, it's got everything you need to plug in and play no matter what kind of setup you're currently rocking.

Of course, the L3 is balanced out done right. Equipped with a dual DAC, dual OP amp true balanced architecture, we've got pictures below for your viewing pleasure.

The L3 also comes with a USB DAC plug, allowing you to double up on its functionality and plug into a PC to take over sound functions and improve audio quality.

  • 16 GB internal memory, micro SD up to 128 GB
  • Digital to Analog Chip: Cirrus Logic CS4398
  • OP Amp: Crown 18120 (x2)
  • Headphone Amplifier Chip: Crown 1812A (x2)
  • Coprocessor: 1812M
  • Sampling rates up to 32 Bit/768 kHz, supports up to DSD256
  • USB: Sampling rates up to 24 Bit/192kHz
  • Power: 1.2V using 3.5mm output, 2.4V using 2.5mm output, @ 35 Ohm load.