Astell & Kern case for SR15 for sale in Montreal in Layton Audio

Astell & Kern case for SR15

Astell & Kern

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Astell & Kern Polyurethane Case for A&norma SR15




With this Polyurethane Case for A&norma SR15 from Astell&Kern, you can wrap your high-end music player with a protective layer that is designed to provide scratch resistance and a secure grip. The case is made from Laskina polyurethane from Synt3 out of Milan, Italy. This polyurethane fabric has been constructed to provide a different textures and patterns depending on the color you choose. The case has been made to allow your SR15's angular design to slide in and provide access to the touch display, top and side controls, and bottom connection port.

  • For the A&norma SR15
  • Polyurethane Construction
  • Provides Protection from Scratches
  • Grippy Texture
  • Access to Display & Controls
  • Port Opening for PC Connection