Combo Focal Utopia et Questyle QP2R for sale in Montreal in Layton Audio

Combo Focal Utopia et Questyle QP2R


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Prmotional Combo including Focal Utopia and Questyle QP2R High Resolution DAP!

For a limited time only!



Technical specifications

Utopia are THE reference high-fidelity headphones manufactured in France by Focal. They are the result of 35 years of innovation, development and manufacturing of high-end speaker drivers and loudspeakers. Equipped with exclusive technology, they offer striking realism, neutrality, dynamics and clarity, for sound with unrivalled purity. Utopia are unique they are the world’s first audiophile headphones to be equipped with totally open-backed full-range speaker drivers with pure Beryllium ’M’-shaped domes. They meet all the requirements expected of high-end headphones due to their sophisticated and elegant design and to purposeful materiality, such as the carbon fibre yoke and true lambskin leather ear cushions.

The QP2R inherits Questyle's quest and style with the second generation of Questyle DAP.

Questyle keeps challenging the conventional DAP concept as seen in the new QP2R Digital Audio Player. It combines outstanding audio performance with unchanged size, doubled driving power with no more power consumption, and fine craft within a reasonable price range. 

Again, Questyle proves their mission of taking audio performance and listening experience as their core values and achieving perfection in design and operation. 


The new QP2R carries Questyle's new design of Current Mode Amplifier built with all discrete circuit and pure Class A working state. On the QP2R PCB, audio section covers about 70% of the whole device.

Due to the full-balanced output, the amplifier circuits are upgraded to four groups from the original two. Four groups of Current Mode Amplifier circuits are located on both front and back of the PCB, which significantly shortens the distance that signals bypass on the PCB. Thus the audio performance is improved, which gives QP2R 0.000% ultra-low distortion and less than 0.1O output impedance.

QP2R is the first portable DAP in the world to use pure Class A BIAS control system.

The Pure Class A BIAS Control system ensures that Current Mode Amplifiers operate only in the state of pure Class A when driving different loads (headphones or speakers), especially heavy loads, which achieves perfect listening experience and outstanding technical performance.

Full-balanced Amplification Design

Four groups of Current Mode Amplifier circuits are located on both front and back of the PCB.


QP2R basically maintains the style of QP1R, the iF Industrial Design Award winner.

The curvilinear machining of Gorilla Glass for the front and rear panels of the player is extraordinarily demanding on CNC processing.

QP2R uses a new patented technology of plane bearing on the mechanical steering wheel and the volume knob. The accuracy of this mechanical and electronic operation has a special attraction.

The Type C port for charging and data transfer has a precise mold and its inner bushing made of stainless steel is lustrous and scratch-proof.


Large capacity, customized battery has more than 10 hours battery life.

Special chip used for accurate detection of battery level.

64GB internal memory and 200GB micro SD card for external expansion.

Audio Formats Supported:   WAV, FLAC, WMA, MP3, OGG, AAC, ALAC, AIFF, DFF, DSF, APE(Normal/High/Fast)
Sample Rate: 

 PCM 32kHz - 384kHz (16/24/32Bit)

 DSD Native: DSD64 (1Bit 2.8MHz)

 DSD128(1Bit 5.6MHz), DSD256(1Bit 11.2MHz)

DAC:   AKM AK4490 DAC chip

 Headphone out (3.5mm)

 Optical out (3.5mm)

 Balanced out (2.5mm)

Output Level: 

 Unbalanced 1.6 Vrms 

 Balanced 3.2 Vrms

Output Power:

 Unbalanced: RL= 32O, Pout = 38mW; RL = 300O, Pout = 9mW

 Balanced: RL = 32O, Pout = 70mW; RL = 300O, Pout = 38mW

Frequency Response:

 ±0.1dB(20Hz - 20kHz)

 S/N 100dB @ 1kHz, Unbalanced / 102dB @ 1kHz, Balanced

 THD+N 0.0006% @ 1kHz, Unbalanced / 0.0005% @ 1kHz, Balanced

Output Impedance:   0.1O
Charging & Data Transfer:   Type-C, 5V 2A (PC & MAC)
PC OS Requirements: 

 WindowsXP / Windos 7&8(32/64bit)

 Mac OSX 10.7 or later


 Internal: 64GB;

 External: Micro SD card (Max. 200GB) x1 


 3,100mAh 3.7V Li-Polymer battery, 10 hours of battery life

Display:   IPS 2.4inch (Sharp LCM) 
Operating System:   Linux
Body Material:   CNC machining aluminum, available in Gold/Space Gray 
Dimension:    65[W] x 134[H] x 14.5[D] (mm)