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Our speciality : audio accessories

Layton Audio is your expert for superior audio in Montreal. Whether you're a music lover or a professional, our audio accessories store will meet your needs.

For unmatched sound, we offer quality accessories such as turntables, USB turntables, turntable needles and cartridges as well as the necessary replacement parts. Plus, let our experienced team help in the audio repair or replacement of fragile parts. The vinyls come back strong in the musical trends, take advantage of our large selection of products to find the perfect turntable to allow you to appreciate the sound quality of your music at its true value.

Looking for accessories to improve your audio quality? Discover our selection of amps, microphones, batteries and wires needed for optimal sound. Layton Audio has in stock the most reputable brands to enable you to achieve sound perfection such as Sony, Audioquest, Samsung, Sennheiser, Tivoli Audio and more.

Layton Audio is your specialized audio store in Montreal. Thanks to our online store delivering all over Canada, all the fans of quality sound can enjoy high-quality audio accessories and a selection of exclusive products that are only available in the most specialized stores.